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Our Products:

Cedar Shingles

    Cedar shingles have been use for many years as roofing material and house cladding, shingles are also known for their stability and durability and are ideal for New Zealand environments. We stock Cedar (Western Red)[] shingles...
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Dressed 4 Sides

Our dressed 4 sides timbers are available in a variety of sizes and wood species. Timbers include Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Radiata Pine, Rimu, Matai, European Beech, Jarrah, Saligna, Victorian Ash,...
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Fascia Boards

Fascia boards come in a variety of sizes and wood species. The most popular timbers for fascia boards are Western Red Cedar and H 3.2 treated Radiata Pine, but we also provide them...
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Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Decking - Kwila, PurpleHeart, Garapa & Cumaru/Tonka At Cedarcorp we stock a premium range of hardwood decking from renewable natural resources which enhance residential and commercial environments and are very suitable to...
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Mouldings and finishing wood come in a variety of sizes and selections, such as internal and external corners, eaves mould, bevelled cornices and more. Mouldings are available in the following finishing wood species:...
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Nails are available in stainless steel or silicon bronze and range in size from 19mm to 100mm. Nails are annular grooved with either flat or rose heads.
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Sarking is available in tongue-and-groove, in a dressed or bandsawn finish. You have a choice of the following wood species: Western Red Cedar, Radiata Pine, Rimu, Jarrah, Saligna, Tasmanian Oak, Pilularis, Malaysian Kauri, Kwila, Spotted Gum, Baltic...
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Cedar Corp supply all the various Soakers you may need for your building project, standard bevel back, rebated bevel back and splay cut weather boards in galvanised, copper or stainless steel.
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T & G Overlay Flooring

Solid wood flooring is one of the most versatile flooring coverings that can make a real impact on your home. It provides natural beauty whilst also being very practical for a busy home...
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TG & V Panelling

TG & V Panelling is available  in a dressed or bandsawn finish. You have a choice of the following wood species: Western Red Cedar, Radiata Pine, Rimu, Jarrah, Victorian Ash, Pilularis, Malaysian Kauri, Kwila, Spotted...
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Timber Stains

The factory coated staining of Cedar (Western Red) weatherboards and other profiles, allows for faster installation eliminating the problem of it being applied on site. In most cases, the building sites do not...
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Weather Boards

We produce over 20 profiles which cover the range of the most popular cladding designs from the standard Bevel Back profiles to the Vertical shiplap design profiles. All profiles are typically produced in...
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Wood Flooring

Choose your quality wooden floor, overlays and decking from a selection of CedarCorp wood flooring products. These are available in various wood species, Rimu, Matai, Rosewood, French Oak, Maple, Fastigata ( NZ Ash),...
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